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M2M + White Space + Weightless

M2M + White Space + Weightless

Click to Listen to Audio from "M2M + White Space + Weightless"

Click to Listen to Audio from “M2M
+ White Space + Weightless”


The Weightless standard is a game changer in the M2M or Internet of Things (IoT) world. The Weightless standard is a set of protocols that effectively utilizes the White Space UHF TV channels recently allocated by the FCC for unlicensed use in the US. These free frequencies combined with the highly adaptive and extremely efficient Weightless protocol enable cellular-like base stations to communicate with to up to a million remote terminal devices within its range. At these UHF frequencies the signal penetrates deeply into and out of buildings giving a range of 2-3 miles for indoor terminals and 5-6 miles for outdoor terminals. The terminal devices are designed to consume so little power that they can operate for over 10 years on a single battery without recharging or connection to the grid. And to top it off, the terminal transceiver chips cost around $10 apiece presently and will go down in price to about $2 each with volume. The really amazing point though, is there will be 50 billion of these remote “connected” devices in the world by 2020 (McKinsey)

Listen to the full presentation here.

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